Download and try the new RME Connector (Beta)

We are excited to announce a new version of the “RME MIDI Remote AVB”, now called “RME Connector”. In addition to the regular MIDI over MADI function, users of the 12Mic / 12Mic-D and AVB Tool are now able to control their devices via network using the HTTP/IP protocol. Simply connect your product to your existing router (no AVB features required) and run “RME Connector” on your macOS or Windows PC.

Enjoy significantly faster and more comfortable remote control via network, any changes made to channel names and presets are instantly reflected on the device. Additional settings for power supply, dark mode and meters are now included.


Enhanced Gain Group Capabilities

In addition to these features, we have also improved the gain group capabilities, adding two frequently requested features. Users can now utilize temporary gain group overrides and drag/shift-drag gain group creation, making adjustments more seamless and intuitive.

The software is free and is now also available for Apple Silicon chipset


Update check

Most apps nowadays download updates automatically in the background. For DAWs, we deemed this to be a bit problematic because in some cases, you might be on networks that you don’t want to use for downloading new app versions. RME Connector allows you to opt-in for (beta or release) update checks, and if an update is found, the app asks if it should be downloaded (and again if it should be installed immediately or with the next restart).

For all the 12Mic-D users out there - thank you for your patience. You wanted MIDI control for the use case that you are using the 12Mic-D with MADI, which appears to be more popular than we had originally anticipated.


Added support for 12Mic-D

Please install the following beta firmware, restart the device, configure the MIDI Input, Output and device ID on the device (STATE > Remote > MIDI) and you will get both: control several 12Mic-Ds via MIDI and/or network from the RME Connector application.


Downloads for version 2.0.0-beta.16:

Windows macOS (Apple Silicon) macOS (Intel)